May 19, 2024
In conclusion, work bags with attached lunch bags offer a

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CBD saw that the peace of mind lunch was first packed in the Menai restaurant, and then sent by the store staff to the “peace of mind post station” waiting for the driver to come to pick up the meal. In order to ensure the taste of the food and to meet the demand of picking up food at the wrong peak, the store immediately packed and delivered the food according to the number of drivers entering each round. In the “peace of mind post station” is also thoughtfully equipped with incubators to ensure that drivers can eat hot lunch.

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During the interview, the reporter learned that in accordance with the principle of “box meal to class” in Jinshui District, the catering enterprise directly delivered the packed box meal to the school, and the teacher distributed it to the students, thus saving the time for students to wait for separate meals and reducing the work intensity of school teachers at the same time. All the lunch boxes are packaged and distributed uniformly, and the lunch boxes are recycled, cleaned and disinfected uniformly after the meal, which ensures the safety, hygiene, heat preservation and quality of the lunch.

In conclusion, work bags with attached lunch bags offer a

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