June 14, 2024
crafts to make from a paper towel roll

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Hotel disposable slippers are made of soft, quiet and high quality fabrics, including towel cloth, velvet, coral velvet, etc., which do not stimulate the skin to wear tranquil. More reasonable adjustments can be made according to different foot types. The selection of the third-line car mechanism can be very firm and not easy to fall. Suitable for electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, spray processing, stamping hardware, health centers, hand processing industry, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, environmental cleaning, public places and other uses!

Rubbing hair repeatedly with towels is very harmful to hair, because the surfaces of towels and bath towels are very rough, and when they come into contact with the hair surface, the towels will absorb excess moisture from the hair, thus becoming drier.

6. immediately after the start of school, start three examinations a day and the tracking system of absence due to illness, and make a good registration record. Morning and afternoon tests cover every student and teacher. To achieve early detection, early report, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment. Do a good job in “four diligence”, “four noes” and “one report”. That is, wash hands and face frequently, ventilate frequently, dry clothes and quilts frequently, exercise frequently; stay away from crowded confined places, do not spit anywhere, do not eat unclean food, do not share towels and tableware, and do not reach the live poultry slaughtering market; report suspicious infectious diseases immediately.

The staff of the County Federation of Trade unions have successively come to five units, including Binhe North Road Promotion and Reconstruction Project, Luoyang Peony Welding Materials Co., Ltd., Highway maintenance Section of Highway Bureau, ele.me takeout, etc., to send mineral water, peaches, umbrellas, chrysanthemum tea, towels, Huo Xiang Zhengqi water, wind oil essence and other heat prevention and cooling items worth more than 30,000 yuan to the workers working on the front line. And expressed sincere greetings to them and sent the care and love of the trade union to the staff and workers.

This new type of plant antibacterial fiber can be used to make intimate clothing such as underwear, pajamas, sportswear and socks, as well as bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, sand distribution, etc., used in hotels, hospitals and families. At present, the first batch of plant antibacterial fibers produced by the factory have been sent to downstream textile enterprises to produce finished products.

Although it is already a middle shift, but the conservation work is still put in the first place by us. Aunt Hu does it every day, and the classroom, bathroom and nap room are dragged clean and clean every day. Usually children use tableware, teacups, towels, building blocks and other disinfection work is more serious and meticulous, never omitted. She always pays attention to the clothes of children wearing unplugged pants, often reminding them that it is time to put on their clothes or take off their clothes.