May 19, 2024
disinfectant and insolated once a week, towel s, teacups, toys, bedding

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Under the guidance of the instructor, parents and children had an orderly escape experience, and large hands and small hands entered the “escape house” in turn to simulate the scene of the fire. In the dark room filled with smoke, everyone covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and bent down to take small steps. Along the S-shaped escape route, they escaped out of the house in a tense and orderly manner.

disinfectant and insolated once a week, towel s, teacups, toys, bedding

Other: sheets and bedding are changed and cleaned once every semimonthly, quilts are dried once a week, plastic toys are soaked in disinfectant and insolated once a week, towels, teacups, toys, bedding and books are strictly disinfected and exposed to the sun, so that one person, two towels and one cup is made.

Withered and yellow show skillful use of steam. Withered and yellow hair is also missing water and nutrition. After the first cleaning, you can apply conditioner to your hair and wrap it in a towel. The heat generated during the bath can help your hair absorb more nutrients. For example, Piaorou 1 minute baked oil essence lotion is simple and convenient to use, but if you stick to it, there will be unexpected supple changes in your hair.

2. Home isolation personnel take body temperature at least twice a day and refuse to visit. Minimize close contact with family members. Do not share any items that may cause indirect contact with family members, including toothbrushes, cigarettes, tableware, food, drinks, towels, clothing and bedding, etc.

1 batch of sports series towels produced by Shanghai Mu Life Trade Co., Ltd.-pink, unqualified items are product instructions (logo), fiber content (%), 1 batch of striped bamboo fiber towels-water green, unqualified items are pH value; labeled 1 batch of Yirui combed untwisted double-layer bath towels produced by Guangdong Yirui Garment Industry Co., Ltd., unqualified items are product use instructions (logo);

disinfectant and insolated once a week, towel s, teacups, toys, bedding

In daily life, the bathroom is not only a place where we go to the toilet and take a bath, but also a place where we often brush our teeth and wash our faces. Many people are used to putting towels and toiletries on the sink. However, this way is easy to keep towels and toiletries in a moist environment, thus breeding a large number of bacteria, which may enter from the mouth or skin tissue the next time you use it, and eventually cause inflammation. Even skin diseases or oral diseases, which also need our attention.

Aloe has a moisturizing function and can replenish moisture to dry hair. Stir the fresh aloe into a pulp, apply it to the wet hair when washing your hair, wrap it with a hot towel for about three minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

The life teacher of each class is on duty 24 hours a day. Students should consciously abide by the dormitory management regulations and go in and out of the dormitory at the prescribed time. Go up and down the stairs according to the prescribed instructions, do not push, crowd, avoid trampling, obey the command, and ensure safety. Students should keep the dormitory, corridor and bathroom clean and tidy, and avoid sharing water cups, drinks, towels, washbasins and other items. After the evening self-study, the temperature was taken in the class. The test was no more than 37.2 ℃ before you could line up to return to the dormitory and go to bed. Each person in the queue was 1 meter apart. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2℃, be accompanied by the school doctor to the isolation room and activate the emergency plan to deal with it.

6. You are not allowed to go into the water to rescue drowning without knowing how to swim or know how to swim. Some people rush down to save people when they see others drowning, which is likely to cause both people to drown. ? 1. Fire, afraid of smoke, nose covering wet towels, body fire ground rolling, stooping quickly out of danger, do not take the elevator to take the stairs, blindly jump will hurt the body.