April 14, 2024
Also pay attention not to share towel s, swimming goggles and

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Method 1: take it in the wall. The wall is a place that we are very easy to ignore and leave vacant, in fact, we can use it. Choose the hanging rack, you can properly place the kitchen utensils in the kitchen, towels in the bathroom and slippers in the porch. It looks methodical and clear what you are looking for.

Among dogs, husky can really be called the “king of destruction”. When he is bored, he will tear up the towels, toilet paper and other things at home, bite a big hole in the sofa, and make a mess of the walls and floors of the home, which is really the “gospel” of the decorator. But it is not very friendly to the host, and the expense is too high.

At the same time, 58 to home also put forward protective guidance and regulations for door-to-door service, requiring them to reconfirm their body temperature and physical condition before door-to-door service, and to disinfect themselves and their toolboxes before entering the door; adopt protective operation mode in the process of service, wear masks and plastic gloves throughout the service, and keep the disinfection towels used one by one to ensure strict protection and put health and safety first.

The mother of the girl outside the door said, “I have taught her a lot before, but when you say yours, she does hers, either laughing inexplicably or screaming and losing her temper.” Children have really changed a lot now. Once when I was washing my face and twisting the towel, the child unexpectedly twisted the towel with me. At that time, I was holding the baby and cried. ”

Both boys and girls should do a good job of personal care. Especially students who are prone to acne on their faces, skincare products must be carefully selected. Make-up must remove makeup, often wash and change towels. These are extraordinary times. Masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers must be prepared. (figure below)

3. Select toilet radiator should focus on its material and style, from the shape and structure to choose more will choose back basket radiator. In addition to heating purposes, the back basket radiator can also hang towels or clothes, which is more convenient when taking a bath and bathing, and the radiator room looks neat and clean, making the whole space refreshing and pleasant.

When you go back to your dormitory at noon, no matter how tired you are, you should wash your face carefully and thoroughly. After washing the face, you can apply a cold compress on the face with a towel, which can help cool and calm the skin, as well as awaken the skin. After completing the thorough cleansing, you can carry on the follow-up simple water emulsion skin care. However, after waking up in the afternoon, be sure to do a good job of sunscreen, just like the steps in the morning. Girls must not give up trouble, or lazy, regardless of their own white and delicate skin.

Daily maintenance and cleaning of food incubators: with the widespread use of incubators, the cleaning and maintenance of daily incubators has become an issue of concern. 1. The food left in the incubator is easy to produce bad smell, so the incubator must be cleaned regularly during use. two。 Open the top cover and clean and wipe it with a soft towel or sponge dipped in warm water or neutral detergent. 3. After using detergent, it must be washed with clean water and then dried with a dry cloth. 4. Always remove the dust from the top of the incubator to avoid affecting the aesthetic effect. Note: when cleaning the incubator, do not directly sprinkle water on the box, the box, so as not to artificially damage the package into the insulation layer.

Later, I deeply realized that, but whenever this kind of soft and invisible storage, it is best to put the same soft things, such as I usually use towels and socks, can still be used, but still can not solve the disorganized bug.

Also pay attention not to share towel s, swimming goggles and

For this kind of elbow pain, if it is serious, even normal life may be hindered, such as twisting towels after getting up in the morning and washing dishes and cooking at noon will become particularly difficult. Aunt Liu is already tired of housework and carries out so many sports activities that she will naturally get this kind of tennis elbow.

The eyes are in contact with the outside world and are easily infected by various germs. during the epidemic, more attention should be paid to helping children develop the good habit of not rubbing their eyes by hand, because there are a large number of germs on the hands, and rubbing the eyes is tantamount to “planting” the germs directly on the eyes. The good habit of not rubbing the eyes can keep the red eye and other infectious eye diseases in summer out of the “eyes”. Also pay attention not to share towels, swimming goggles and other items with others to prevent contagion. Order one or two drops of antibiotic eye drops after swimming to prevent infection.