May 19, 2024
their mouths and noses with wet towel s and crouched and

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Sticky hook, usually everyone will use, many people will hang some towels storage bags and other things, in fact, it is the door, or bedroom room, desk wall can be used.

6. If there is a lot of smoke around being trapped, it can be more frightening than fire. Because smoke contains a large amount of toxic and harmful gases, this is often the cause of the highest death rate in fire accidents (accounting for more than 95%). If you must rush out of the smoke zone, you must cover your mouth and nose with wet towels, bend over and run out as much as possible, so as to reduce the intake of smoke and avoid poisoning. Restaurants are generally equipped with fire escape ropes and fire escape masks, which can be used to escape.

their mouths and noses with wet towel s and crouched and

Grease a bowl with olive oil and place the kneaded dough inside. Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm spot for about an hour or until it has doubled in size. Patience is key here!

After washing your face, you can give yourself about 20 minutes to wash your body. At this time, all kinds of pores in your body are relatively relaxed. You first use warm water to pounce on your body. At this time, the metabolism of your body skin begins to be very rapid. If you wipe your body with towels and the like, a lot of skin toxins and dirty substances will be easily removed. Only in this way can the washed body be super clean and free of dirt residue.

High-density coral velvet dry hair towels / dry hair caps are good choices, these materials are generally better water absorption, soft touch less damage to the hair, but also can absorb the moisture of the hair faster.

In the experience section, firefighters organized teachers, students and parents to carry out a simulated campus fire escape drill. With the alarm sounded, students and parents covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and crouched and stooped along the fire safety signs in the stairwell to evacuate from the teaching building in a quick and orderly manner. “quickly put on a rescue suit, answer questions about fire control knowledge, and put out a fire in an oil basin.” Parents and children join hands to “fight” in the fire fun activities, through practical operation to learn the knowledge of fire control.

IV. Pay close attention to environmental construction and create a good image over the past year, our bureau has always put “improving the office environment, improving office efficiency and shaping the image of the unit” in the first place. In the case of a very shortage of funds, the party group of the bureau actively came up with ideas and ideas, squeezed out sufficient funds, built new certification halls, decorated office buildings, regularly purchased toilet cleaners, detergents, and other sanitary ware. Equipped with brooms, towels, towels, garbage and other sanitation facilities, newly built flushing toilets, replace office desks and chairs, improve the working environment Buy more flowers and trees to beautify the garden, buy flower beds to decorate the office building, plant 930 square meters of turf, green coverage%; purchase brightening office building street facilities to achieve the implementation of maintenance measures, management personnel, new garbage collection points, regular disinfection, timely transportation without accumulation. The construction of environmental facilities of our bureau has reached the general requirements of “greening, purification, beautification and brightening”, and has maintained a good window image of our bureau in the area under our jurisdiction.

5. Pay attention to hygiene after swimming. After swimming, take a bath immediately, then dry your body with a clean towel, blow out nasal secretions, and wipe off your ears if there is water in your ears.

1. From welcoming guests-giving up seats to guests-spreading mouth cloth, removing chopsticks covers, handing out towels, asking for tea, ordering vegetables, asking for drinks, pouring water-serving dishes-table service (changing plates, ashtrays, towels, serving fruit, taking sauces, loading white rice) checkout-seeing off guests-turning the stage and clearing the stage– the end. Although the above service procedures have been learned in the course and can be encountered every day at work, the needs of each guest are different, and it is not so easy to give personalized service to guests. Through the internship, I think that only on the premise of mastering the basic service procedures as a whole can we provide customers with quality service in detail.

The conductor uniformly directs the evacuation work, and during the evacuation, he uses train broadcasts and hand-held loudspeakers to publicize safety measures and precautions to passengers, and organizes passengers to cover their mouths and noses with flooded towels and clothes to prevent smoke and poisoning. The conductor guides the passengers to evacuate by holding the walkie-talkie to direct the front, middle and rear positions of the train, turns on the emergency lights, guides the passengers to get off with a bright flashlight, and makes safety monitoring when getting off at the door of the train. The personnel at the front and rear of the train should organize the orderly evacuation of passengers who get off the train to ensure that they echo back and forth to prevent accidents. Key passengers should assign special personnel or organize active military personnel, medical personnel and young and middle-aged passengers to evacuate.