April 14, 2024
afraid to see her with a towel on her head,

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2. Students participating in the exercise should not bring bags and valuables. Sportswear and sports shoes are recommended. Girls do not wear high heels and bring their own wet towels (for smoke prevention).

Sunscreen is not an amulet, nor can it completely isolate the sun and skin cancer like an iron wall. The best way is to take moderate exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen shirts, hats and sunscreen in the sun. Especially after swimming at the beach or drying your body with a towel, remember to reapply sunscreen.

afraid to see her with a towel on her head,

One of the standout features of a toiletry hanging bag is its ability to be hung on hooks or towel bars in hotel bathrooms, saving valuable counter space. Gone are the days when you had to rummage through a cluttered, disorganized bag, searching for your toothbrush or razor. With everything hanging neatly in front of you, it eliminates the hassle of making a mess and reduces stress during your morning routine.

Over the next few years, my mother got a job as a cook in the middle school canteen when I was just in junior high school. Adolescent children are so self-respecting that when I go to the canteen, I am afraid to see her with a towel on her head, fat overalls and greasy sleeves. I am afraid that my classmates will know that it is my mother. In my mind at that time, cooking was not a very decent job. Even if she goes to the window where she is in charge of cooking, she will smile and give me a few more pieces of meat; even if she earns more than 1,000 yuan from five to six, gives me pocket money and buys me clothes; even if every time the canteen gives milk bread to the staff, she is reluctant to eat and leave it to me.

First of all, we should choose a more formal swimming pool. Regular swimming pools will require swimmers to provide physical examination certificates, and the monitoring of pool water is also relatively strict. In addition, it is best to wear goggles when swimming to avoid direct contact between eyes and pool water to prevent infection as much as possible. After swimming, do not use public towels, handkerchiefs and other contact eyes, you can order a few drops of anti-bacterial or anti-viral eye drops, which can play a better preventive effect.

afraid to see her with a towel on her head,

Wash the washing machine: if the washing machine that has been used for many years is not cleaned, it will become a “dirty machine”. The effective way to clean the washing machine is very simple. You can make a bottle of white vinegar, pour 200ml white vinegar into the washbasin and soak the towels. Then put the soaked towels into the washing machine and use the drying function to dry the towels. In this way, the towels stained with white vinegar can reach every part of the wall of the washing machine. Play the role of sterilization.

With the rapid alarm sounded, the fire escape drill kicked off. Under the guidance of the fire officers and soldiers, according to the plan, all the teaching staff took their places, and all the students quickly covered their noses and mouths with wet towels in accordance with the first aid knowledge explained and demonstrated by the firefighters, evacuated quickly in an orderly manner, and arrived at the assembly place safely. After the exercise, Mr. Song, the head of school security, summarized the problems existing in the exercise process and made arrangements for the next stage of security work.