April 14, 2024
wooden frame, dry them with a towel , iron them out

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The dressing room is equipped with drinking water, a full set of towels and slippers. No longer need to swim and pack a lot of things, the swimming experience here is just a word “great”.

Wait, why is this plane so special? There are not only one queen bed and two cribs in the cabin, but also a kitchen, bathroom and shower. It turns out that this is a plane used to “sleep”. You can think of yourself as a pilot and flight attendant, but you will never encounter any turbulence. In addition to resting in the cabin, guests staying in May-September can also enjoy outdoor swimming pools and water-skiing. In addition, the resort is located from San Blavin Beach. When the weather is fine, you can also go out of the cabin and go to the seaside to bask in the sun. It should be noted that sheets and towels are not provided here and tenants are required to bring their own.

5. Once the timer goes off, carefully remove the plate from the microwave using oven mitts or kitchen towels. Remember, the plate and the bagel bites will be hot, so handle with care.

Most of the car dashboards are made of plastic. Plastic under the joint action of sunlight, ultraviolet and ozone, there will be aging, cracking and other phenomena. For the maintenance of the interior of plastic parts, apply clean protective water wax on its surface, which can effectively prolong the service life of plastic parts. The plexiglass shell on the dashboard needs to be wiped with a better quality towel to avoid scratches because of its low hardness.

wooden frame, dry them with a towel , iron them out

twelve。 Smooth things, things that need to be unscrewed can wrap the hemp rope to increase friction, and then tighten the hemp rope can lengthen the torque. (just open the bottle cap with a towel, which is even more difficult to focus on.)

Soak and peel the collected milk cartons, beat them into pulp, gently fish them out with a grid wooden frame, dry them with a towel, iron them out with an electric iron, and make a brand-new piece of recycled paper by hand.