April 14, 2024
attention to avoid frostbite and use towel s or clothing to

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Finally, there is the question of whether to install a shower room or a bathtub. I support installing a shower room. After all, there are more things for girls, and shower washing will be more clean and sanitary, but my husband wants to install a bathtub and say that he wants to enjoy a bath. As a result, there is a picture of the bathroom (such as the following picture), 3 “small bathroom, but by the husband such a complete function, but also very practical! Install the bathtub, hang the shower curtain, and then install the shower above the bathtub, soak in the shower without mistake; the bathroom mirror is directly attached to the wall, install a bright chandelier, make-up is not delayed; enter the wall-style washbasin, install a board directly below, put soap, facial cleanser is no problem; and the top of the toilet is installed with a board, which happens to be used as a towel ring.

At 10:13 in the morning, the fire alarm and whistle sounded through the kindergarten, and the drill officially began. After hearing the alarm, the teacher who was conducting teaching activities quickly guided the children to pick up wet towels, cover their mouths and noses, bend over and walk quickly, go downstairs in an orderly manner, and escape according to the evacuation route of the fire prevention plan. On the way, the children evacuated in an orderly and rapid manner and were in a stable mood.

Teacher: what else can you think of from the action I did just now? (guide children to create movements such as face washing, hair combing, towels, handkerchiefs, etc.) (prompt children to create small animals)

2. Ice compress: because the joint pain caused by gout is mostly hot pain, ice can be applied to the affected area, which can relieve the thermal pain of the affected joint, but patients should pay attention to avoid frostbite and use towels or clothing to wrap low-temperature objects for ice compress;

In the simulation scene of “sudden abnormal vomiting of students”, the reporter saw at the scene that the teacher would immediately transfer other students to the classroom corridor. At the same time, contact the logistics disinfection team to dispose of vomit: cover with towels, spray with chlorinated disinfectant, clean up vomit after 30 minutes, mop the floor twice with chlorinated disinfectant, take the vomiting point as the center area of 2 meters, and then mop the floor with clean water.

8, curly hair does not use a comb at all, the curly place can be sorted out by hand after each time. After washing your hair, most people will dry it with a towel and blow it with a hair dryer until the hair is dried, but the wig cannot be like this, because it is tightly twisted together with the hair, so a lot of the scalp is directly exposed to the outside. if you blow directly with a hair dryer, it will be easy to damage the scalp, so you can only wipe it with a towel and wait for it to dry naturally.

There is no heat preservation measure outside the lunch box, it is put directly into the insulation bag, if you can put items such as cotton clothing in the bag, it can also enhance the heat preservation effect (related to outdoor temperature). The second round: the side pocket zipper bag is designed with a zipper pocket, which can be packed with paper towels or wet wipes inside.

The main results are as follows: 1. The treatment of fogging outside the front windshield is as follows: open the windows on both sides to let the air convection, eliminate the temperature difference on both sides of the windshield, turn on the hot and cold air of the air conditioner, use antifogging agent, wipe the glass with soapy water, and dry the fog with a towel.

Xiaomanyi is a kind of weight loss product for external use. this product is mainly used three inches above our belly button. You can use a hot compress with a towel to help absorb it, usually using 2 to 3 drops of essence at a time. After the essence is fully absorbed, we need to continue to use plant dew, smear the plant dew where we need to lose weight, and we must pay attention to apply evenly. The general product stays on the skin for about 40 minutes and rinses the value with water. In the process of use, we need to pay attention to, try not to eat and drink water, and do not blow air conditioning, otherwise it will affect the effect.

Old beach towels, plastic tablecloths, blankets and even mats can be superimposed as picnic cloths. The cotton and linen picnic cloth is durable and photogenic. If you are afraid of getting wet, you can spread a layer of moisture-proof mat underneath.

The content of this competition includes two parts: theoretical knowledge and practical operation. Theoretical knowledge includes job responsibilities of caregivers, kindergarten hygiene requirements, child care knowledge, disinfection knowledge, etc.; practical operations include desktop disinfection, quilt finishing, towel cleaning and toy cleaning skills competitions.